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What Are The Terms For A Pawn?

A pawn at Pawnderosa is a 30 day loan with a 60 day grace period. This means no matter what, your item will stay in pawn for at least 90 days. If you need to borrow some money but it may take a couple of months to pay back, Pawnderosa offers a 60 day grace period to ensure the customer has enough time to do so. Pawnderosa charges a max of 20% every 30 days on a pawn. If you are pawning a power tool for $20, it will cost $24 to redeem within 30 days. In this case it is a $4 fee with a max APR of 240%. If you do not redeem or pay on a pawn within 90 days, the item will be forfeited and put out for sale. There is no penalty for forfeiting an item outside of no longer possessing the item. If it does go out for sale, we provide options to put back in pawn or will work to provide a deal for purchase.

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