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Do Pawn Shops Accept Designer Handbags?

Pawn shops are an amazing place when it comes to buying and selling home entertainment and lifestyle products. And that includes designer handbags too. As a matter of fact, designer handbags are among the most sought after items.

To answer your question in a nutshell, yes, pawn shops do take designer handbags. Pawn shops in bigger cities are more likely to take designer handbags because they have a larger audience and more interested sellers and buyers.

It’s all business; after all, pawn shops will only take items that they can sell afterward. They will often clean them up and provide an authenticity sheet with the bag. The only condition is the designer handbags shouldn’t be in good condition. In such a case, no pawn shop will take a designer handbag. If they do, getting a good deal will not be in the customers’ favor.

Pawnderosa pawn shop is located in Little Rock, Arkansas, making it the right place for you to take your designer handbag and get a good deal selling it. A designer handbag is often used for a while and upgraded when a new design is launched. A must-have for every luxury brand lover, designer bags are often replaced as the trends and styles change. This makes the pre-used handbags a frequently bought and sold item in almost every pawn shop.

Pawnderosa Pawn Shop is where all the designer handbag lovers can easily find a great deal, be it selling a designer handbag or buying one.

What types of designer handbags do pawn shops take?

Designer handbags are the most preferred way among many people to carry their belonging while flaunting their style. They offer great aesthetics, functionality, and awe that always draws a second look. If you own a designer handbag that you don’t want to use anymore, bring it to Pawnderosa Pawn Shop, and we’ll make an offer that you won’t be able to refuse.

And that’s because we are familiar with designer handbags and we know how to value them. Unlike other pawn shops that can’t tell a designer handbag from a cheap or fake label, our eyes don’t miss a fault when we see one.

You typically receive around 50-70% of the expected resell value by bringing them in a store. That said, we evaluate the real value of designer handbags. The parameters are:

Authenticity. Our team of expert evaluators and examiners analyze the tags, the material, stitching, the zipper, almost everything on the bag to verify its authenticity. And if you walk up to us with a designer handbag with a receipt of the purchase, it will make our work so much easier because the invoice from a legitimate seller is solid proof of originality. Many stores, Including Pawnderosa, will also send pictures to a third party authenticator that will insure the item.

Care. No matter how expensive your designer bag was when you bought it, if you didn’t take good care of it, you may not get a great deal on it. Condition is a vital aspect on the resell value of a handbag and may make even the best model brands not worth that much.

Cleanliness. Dirty bags don’t fetch you a good price. Clean the exterior of the bag according to the material care instructions. Empty the bag and give it a good shake upside down to remove loose dirt. No matter how luxurious your lifestyle is, if you use your designer bag often, it will accumulate dust eventually. Clean designer handbags fetch more money than dirty ones.

At Pawnderosa Pawn Shop, we take designer handbags from labels such as:

  • Brahmin

  • Coach

  • Chanel

  • Kate Spade

  • Louis Vuitton

  • Michael Kors

  • Chanel

  • And many more!

Visit us today to get a great deal on your designer handbag.

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