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Why Pawn Shops are the Best Places to Buy Video Games

As a second generation Pawn Broker, getting video games as a kid almost always came from the family pawn shop. My dad in fact had a rule that I could trade two of my video games for one video game at Pawnderosa Pawn Shop. Little did my dad know, I normally beat these vide

o games or found out they were not fun so from my perspective it was basically trading nothing for a brand new game. While this is a personal aside, below is the real reason why it is best to buy video games from a pawn shop.

Pawn shops a lot of times are selling many items online. They are focused on selling jewelry, guns, tools, musical instruments and other big ticket items online for hundreds if not thousands of dollars. One item that is often

times not sold online are video games. From the classics like Madden and Grand Theft Auto, Pawn Shops are normally flooded with these games for sale. Some pawn businesses hire a full time online sales associate and others don't depending on the size. Even if they have an online sales associate, this employee could be too busy selling the big ticket items to drive the bottom line and unable to get to finding the right channel for smaller items. What does this mean for you? This means these stores will put video games out for sale at a reduced cost compared to anywhere else. In reality, this isn't just extended to video games at pawn businesses. Pawn shops are a great place to go for any item and be able to flip for more

money. But video games are especially great in this category since they are normally around the $10 - $40 price for resell which is a relatively small amount. Where gaming stores have many different ways to get top dollar for a video game, a pawn business normally doesn't. You could have the opportunity to buy your next game for 20% - 30% off compared to a used gaming store or online. Pawn shops also have the advantage of being

able to negotiate for the right price. So next time you want to get a great price on a video game, try a calling a pawn shop near you, and I think you will be amazed at the discount prices.

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