Pawndersa Pawn Shop offers collateral loans to those in need of quick cash. Whether you need money to pay a bill or for a purchase, Pawnderosa can provide a quote within minutes and give cash on almost anything of value. We do this buy either offering a quote to purchase an item or provide a short term loan. Pawnderosa also has a large storefront that sells name brand new and used items at discount prices. You can see many of these items like TV's, jewelry and music instruments on sale on the Pawnderosa Pawn Shop Facebook Page. If you have any questions on what items we take or what is for sale, please leave us a message below.


A pawn at Pawnderosa is a 30 day loan with a 60 day grace period. This means no matter what, your item will stay in pawn for at least 90 days. So if you need a quick loan but it may take a couple of months to pay back, Pawnderosa offers a 60 day grace period to ensure the customer has enough time to do so. Many stores only offer 30 days with no grace period. Each of the items Pawnderosa takes are tested and checked to ensure in working condition. Based on the valuation of type and condition, a pawn clerk will offer an amount you can receive. This process typically takes only a few minutes. If you would like to get a loan, call or stop by today. If you have any further questions, please leave a message below.


Pawnderosa also purchases items for cash and it only takes a few minutes for a quote. If you have items that aren't being used anymore, you can bring it to Pawnderosa and get quick cash. After spring cleaning, many customers find out they have many items that are no longer needed. Whether it be extra tools in the garage or a music instrument that hasn't been played for a while, you can bring it by Pawnderosa Pawn Shop removing the hassle in finding a buyer or getting an online account to sell. If you have video games that you don't play anymore or scrap gold jewelry, we think you will be pleased with the cash you can get at Pawnderosa. If you have any questions on what items you are able to pawn or purchase, please see the Items We Take page or leave a message below.


Pawnderosa has hundreds of new and used items for sale at great prices. We have a wide selection of jewelry, firearms, music instruments, electronics, sporting goods and tools in store today. Traditional jewelry stores usually have a large mark up that prevents you from getting a nice diamond ring or chain for a good price. Here at Pawnderosa Pawn Shop, you can get gold jewelry and brand items at a fraction of the cost you could see in other retail stores. In order to see the deals in store, please follow the Pawnderosa Facebook Page. Here we will have seasonal sales along with individual item listings that are posted at great prices. If you would like to find out about our layaway program, please read below. 


If you are interested in claiming an item but can't pay the full price up front, ask about the Pawnderosa Layaway Program. This is a 90 day layaway in which you pay a portion of the price down and make payments monthly for 3 months to redeem the item. Right now, Pawnderosa is offering a 10% down layaway promotion for guns, jewelry, and tools. All other items purchased through layaway require 25% down. If you want to get a family member a nice piece of jewelry, the Pawnderosa Layaway Program is a great way to ensure the item without having to put all the cash down.

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Pawnderosa Pawn Shop is a family owned business since 1988 happily serving the Little Rock community. Pawn business offering cash for gold. An excellent jewelry, electronic, music instruments, firearm and tool shop. Follow our Facebook page for great in store deals. 

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Pawnderosa Pawn Shop gives cash on almost anything of value. Now giving top dollar on gold and diamond jewelry. We offer 30 day loans with a 60 day grace period. Getting a quote only takes a few minutes and often time results in extra cash quickly.


Pawnderosa has been in business for over 30 years because we offer great deals that customers get excited about. Pawnderosa has discounted gold and diamond jewelry at a fraction of the price of traditional jewelry stores. Our other top items include electronics, music instruments, tools and firearms.

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